Where are you located?

The southwest corner of Lubbock, Texas! 


What makes you unique in a sea of other photographers?

Grit, joy and experience! I began my photography business as a starry-eyed senior in high school just hoping to pay off my camera loan. Four years later I was jet setting across America with a good looking husband on my arm photographing weddings from Oregon to New Hampshire to Cancun! We lived the life that only few can dream of while doing a job that we were created to do. Lauren Clark Photography is in its' 15th year in business now and one of the things that I value is never-ending learning. I have gone through phases of learning photography technique, parenting wild children (this helps with family sessions!), and how to bring out the beauty in people (this helps EVERYWHERE!). My style is unique  because while other photographers enjoy the moody sunset hour to photograph, I choose mid day when the sun is hot on your back and the colors are bright and bold. This type of shooting requires an in depth understanding of lighting, posing and location scouting- I LOVE the challenge and the payoff! My work has been featured in magazines, blogs and books in the last 15 years and I am delighted to offer my seasoned services to West Texans. 


"I loved that she really directed us because we had no idea what we were doing!"- Lindsey


We are interested in you as a wedding photographer, what now?

Making sure that our personalities and vision for wedding photography pair up well is important and I would love the opportunity to meet you for coffee, milkshakes, or margaritas! Feel free to email me through the contact section or call me at 405-269-2861 to arrange a get together!


What is a digital download?

It is the high resolution file that you would use to print an enlargement from. I release printing rights to you with all of my photography sessions and weddings so that you can make your own books, canvases and prints. They are sized 11x17 at 300 ppi and can be downloaded through your private proofing gallery and printed anywhere you choose. A print release is automatically emailed to you once you download so that you can print it out and take it with you as proof of copyright release.


Do retouch your images?

"Natural" editing is included in all of the sessions (color correction, contrast, bright color), VIP editing is an additional $200 charge. VIP editing is individual editing where I take away wrinkles, smooth muffin tops and take away blemishes.


"Stunning work! Like a fine wine... You get better with age! WOW!"- Brandi


Do you offer prints and canvas?

Yes! Anything that you order through your personal online proofing section will go through "VIP" editing and I will make the final product out of this world amazing! If you want to print the digital downloads on your own, then I recommend ordering online through mpix.com. 


What is your style?

I treasure the free and adventurous spirits of children, the dignity and masculinity of a father, and the tender nature of a mother. I try to create environments that I can capture all of these things the way that I believe in them. I always go for the traditional looking and smiling photographs and then the happy, interactive ones. I try to use all of the different types of photography in my style: traditional, artistic, and photojournalistic.


What is lifestyle photography?

A lifestyle session is a collaboration between you and I in documenting your "real" life in your home. What are your family quirks? What do your children LOVE? What do you want to remember most? It is partly photojournalistic, yet I still guide everyone into the best lighting and interaction to capture the things you never want to forget in a beautiful way. I take TONS of photos at these sessions and normally deliver 200 or more digital downloads. 


"She made our mundane look surreal"- Tami


What is your turnaround time for digital download access? 

Portrait sessions- less than 1 week

Weddings- 4 weeks from your wedding date


"They are something we will treasure for ever."- Caroline


What if there is bad weather on the day of our photo shoot?

Unless it is a wedding or indoor lifestyle session we will reschedule the session.


Can we change locations and clothes at our session?

Yes! We can do as many clothing changes and locations as the session time allows. I recommend only 1 outfit for families to prevent children from getting agitated, but most engagements and seniors bring 3-4 outfits. 


My kids are crazy and my husband is doubtful that our family session will turn out well...

I specialize in rowdy kids and apathetic husbands! I am fast paced and keep the kids moving and playing so that the session is enjoyable and as painless as possible. Dads usually end up telling me that "It wasn't as bad as I thought!".


"Lauren took an 'iffy' afternoon with a fussy baby and three crazy dogs and made it look like a dream."- Hillary


Where will we go?

I will send you a questionnaire to fill out before the session and it will ask you tons of questions so that we can personalize the session to your needs. I am very familiar with Lubbock and know all of the good spots and can find good lighting in even the strangest of places.


How do we pay?

I will invoice you for your session + sales tax after the session through your email address. I accept debit/credit cards and checks. Weddings pay a $700 deposit up front and the remainder is billed 30 days before the wedding date.


"We cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to make every bridal photo and every wedding photo fun, memorable and perfect! And thank you for always doing it with a smile!!"- Cherise