Hi! I’m Lauren! 

I am spontaneous, easy going and definitely still a kid at heart. Three little boys call me "momma" and have shown me how to live in happy chaos 24-7!

I have been married for 12 years to the guy that I put on my “mash” list my freshmen year of high school. He was the good looking introvert and I was the bold, clumsy extrovert. I walked right up to him and said, “Hi, I’ve never met you before, my name is Josh Clark, what’s your name?”, mortified at my blunder, I ran into the house blushing and hid until he left. I went back to my friends reporting it as my new “most embarrassing moment”… 4 years later we married at 19 and 21.

Having weathered many storms in my life I am certain to say that I believe strongly in the marriage covenant and cultivating a passionate and meaningful life doing the things that I love. There is nothing more thrilling to me than to set out on an adventure around town or on someone's wedding day and use my love for people, creativity and technical prowess to form something with my camera that will bring joy and delight to others.   

My favorite part of my job is revealing the final images that bring confidence, self love and encouragement to women as they see themselves as beautiful and comfortable in their skin (even the "awkward" ones!). When I am surrounded by a bride and groom who are emotionally present on their wedding day as they vow their lives to one another for better or for worse- it brings me to tears! Joy and meaning, beauty and self value, sacrificial love and covenant- these are the things that make photography more than a paycheck to me. They fill my life with creative force and I hope that you can almost taste it as you browse my galleries! I invite you to contact me if my work also inspires you to embrace a joyful, creative, beautiful life. I would love to email or talk with you about any of your photography needs.


Photo of me and my boys was taken by Lissa Anglin Photography